Big Igloo - Art Work by B-VOX

Brian Vox

At the age of 38, Brian Vox has already become somewhat of a myth-figure in the world of vegetarian cuisine. At the age of twelve, he attained spiritual enlightenment and cast it aside at the age of fifteen to pursue a life on the street as an advocate of social anarchy. As a teenager, Brian spent a year living exclusively with two hundred Japanese exchange students, of which only 5 were male. He became known as “Surfa’ Boy Pretty Eyes” to the others. While performing Yugoslavian poetry in black-face in the train yards just east of Denver, Brian came to the attention of wandering warrior monks who bestowed upon him the title “One who deals death in darkness” which he went on to instruct to the likes of magicians, body-builders, and his fellow circus freaks until the mid nineteen-nineties. In addition to his skillful application of complex killing sequences, Mr. Vox also enjoys petting cows at Disneyland, and farting in the bathtub. He can currently be seen demonstrating his acting prowess in weekly “duncan-peppersnatch theater” showings of the Drama/Romantic Comedy “The Road To Zanzibar” at the convent of the divine kaiju where he now resides. His fingers still twitch, and his broken back is only now beginning to mend.

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