Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
From: "Remy C." (by way of "D. Paul Stanford" )
Subject: Manitoba Approves Shawn Crew HPPI Funding

Well, it looks like Shaun Crew has made good on his promise. But that's a
mute point now since DEA will start raiding stores selling hemp foods in
the Good ol'USA come February 2002. Remy C.


Manitoba Agriculture and Food

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August 2001

ARDI 00.385
Development of a Hemp Protein Powder and Protein Isolate
Total Approved: $ 18,500.00

Shaun Crew
Hemp Oil Canada Inc.
(204) 771-5008

Project Overview:

This project will develop a hemp protein powder and protein isolate from
hemp seed cake, which presents what perhaps could be one of the greatest
opportunities for this new industry, and the marketability of the hemp
protein over competing protein supplements such as soy, whey or rice.

The Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative

Manitoba Agriculture and Food and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have
demonstrated their commitment to exploring new agricultural technologies,
market opportunities and production methods through the introduction of the
Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative (ARDI).

ARDI was established in 1997 to initiate, encourage, promote, and conduct
innovative research and development projects that contribute to the
economic well-being of Canada and Manitoba.

The introduction of ARDI follows the direction provided by the provincial
Working For Value Task Force Report in 1997, which recommended that
research and development become increasingly market-driven, more accessible
to users and focused more on value-added opportunities with high
commercialization potential.

The federal Western Grains Transportation Adjustment Fund consultations
also indicated that government should pursue this route.