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Republicans for Solar Power

The August 13th 2000 Sunday edition of the New York Times real estate section ran this article written by Eleanor Charles concerning the estimated $825 million Fairfield County towns plan to spend on school construction in the next decade. In 1999 I started compiling this page to provide all parties involved with as much online information as possible on the topic of green and solar school design. Remy C.

                                             Cheshire Whole Foods PV Ceremony (WMV)

Don't sell out to the nu-cu-lar Utilities for a measly rebate while throwing down the drain 30 years of anti-nuclear activism. Support anti-nuclear electricians, roofers, union workers!

52 sanctified solar installers
to chose from.

Brett Thornton, Vice President of Home Dental Care in Norwalk CT, maker of Solar Floss, talking
about the 55.44kW PV Solar array that was installed on its headquarters roof by C Solar LLC,
a renewable resource company out of Westport CT that specializes in Solar PV integration.


Ford Farewell Mills and Gatsch, Architect, LLC
200 Forrestal Road, Princeton, NJ 08540
Peter Lampen - peterl@ffmg.com - 609-452-1777

The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport
installed a 19kW PV system
in its parking lot.

Fairfield University has completed a large 14.5 kW installation of 880 Uni-Solar 17 Watts shingles on an 8 unit campus housing building (building #10 - pictured above - north end of campus), funded by a $100.000 grant from W.M. Keck Foundation and a $10.000 grant from United Illuminating

For more information contact: 

Evangelos Hadjimichael,
Dean of School of Engineering 
203-254-4000 x 4147 hadjm@fair1.fairfield.edu

Designer: Parker Coates;
One Longwood Drive Redding, CT 06896 
203-938-0563 psdesignco@aol.com

More technical details on the installation

(Solar Conference - Fairfield University - was held April 25th 2001)

Stamford Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center
GE Energy (ex-Astro Power) 7kw PV System
(Click photo for more photos)

Staples High School Renovation

Bill McDonough
Staples Class of '69
Speaks about the renovation.

Weston High School Renovation 3D Model

Fairfield County Towns Board of Education Contact Information

 The 5 Parts Connecticut’s Energy Future premiered on
Connecticut Public Television on Thursday, January 16 at 10 p.m.

Connecticut Solar On Schools list

Please JOIN or read all the messages online

If you're seriously interested in installing solar electricity on your own home or business,
log on to: http://www.arkaflux.com

The Real Goods Van PV/PR Project

Tucson Electric Power's Sunsite Funsite!

Safe Schools

Connecticut's Own Green Building Council

One of the missions of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is to spread the word on sustainable buildings, primarily through the dissemination of information. State-based council chapters are a good way to reach building owners, architects, and builders, and Connecticut has taken initial steps to establish a Connecticut Green Buildling Council, with help from Steven Winter Associates. Richard Barredo and Bryan Garcia of Connecticut Innovations and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund; former Connecticut state representative Bob Maddox, from the now defunct Connecticut Energy Co-op; and Steven Winter (who was USGBC national chairman and is acting as USGBC Board Liaison) with SWA's John Amatruda have formed an Organization Committee to work with other Connecticut organizations to create a Connecticut-based affiliate. A kickoff meeting held  in October 2001 officially opened the chapter to architects, engineers, builders, and recommendations as to how states can best create chapters. For additional information visit: http://www.swinter.com

April 8, 2001 New York Times Connecticut Section PV Article

Green Groups in Fairfield County
(Now has its own domain: www.greenburbs.com)

Completing this form can be your first step in bringing a solar system to your school!

For More Connecticut Solar on Schools Resources, Click Here!

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