From Living Harvest & Manitoba Harvest
Both rated at 50% Protein (Nutiva is only 37%)

Not quite an isolate, just a concentrate,
but already great for smoothies and shakes!

For Living Harvest Powder

Kosher / Organic
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For Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder

HPPC™ has that sweet distinctive nutty flavor you've come to love and expect from shelled hemp seed and hemp seed oil, but without the fat.

Made in Canada, you are looking at the first hemp protein powder concentrate HPPC™ produced anywhere. A few pounds of samples were circulated back in 2000 and today Living Harvest & Manitoba Harvest are selling HPPC in commercial quantity.

This screened pressed seedcake is great for milk or soy shakes, juice smoothies, or blending with vegetable patties, cookies or pancakes. But I'm not going to give away my recipes. You'll have to cook up your own and let me know how they turn out!

I will be happy to mail you two tablespoons to touch, taste and feel. I was sending out samples free of charge for the asking, but it was starting to cost me a little too much money. So now you'll have to first send me a 60˘ self-stamped envelop & a dollar bill.
Hemp Protein is recognized as a partially complete / balanced vegetarian source of Amino Acids; EFA's; natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll. Some call Hemp Protein the perfect high performance vegetarian whole food. It is easily digested (no enzyme inhibitors) and can be substituted into any diet. It is high in magnesium, a co-factor to protein digestion. Raw food advocates claim protein in isolates (highly concentrated commercial protein powders) can't be properly digested without co-factors otherwise found in carbohydrates. The nutrition wars battle on... We do know a major portion of the hemp protein profile is Edestin, found only in hemp, which aids digestion and is considered the backbone of our cell's DNA. Of all the vegetable kingdom, Hemp Protein has the closest resemblance to our human protein profile.

Both Living Harvest & Manitoba Harvest are now sold in bulk. If you are a store or a business and wish to purchase loose quantities of HPPC to re-sell hemp protein powder retail and/or producing your own line of HPPC™ products, call me
203-227-2065 or email me, and I will put you in touch with the manufacturer directly so you can develop your own relationship with them.

I'm working on my own cool label art and an all-natural strawberry flavor using Aunt Patty's dry organic sweeteners. Area 51 fans out there will know the reason why... Expect these out-of-this-world versions to be available as soon as I can find an investor to help me finance the packaging and distribution of my own line of HPPC™ products - and eventually HPPI™ products.

For further developments, keep posted to the www.hempprotein.com website. Check out our ad in the upcoming issue of Herbivore magazine!

If you live in the Westport, CT area, there are HPPC™ smoothie tasting parties scheduled all over. More tasting parties are planned around New England. In New York City, try Living Harvest hemp protein powder at the nightclub Spirit.

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HPPC is not pre-digested, ionized isolate. It's a 48% protein concentrate, not 70% or higher. HPPI will be next. But why wait when you can already enjoy this terrific powder now! 

HPPC can also be used as a flour. Many hemp flours on the market today are coarse and still filled with seed shells. This is a fine dust powder that blends easily with everything.

Hemp Protein Powder contains 0.00% THC 
Consuming HPPC will NOT cause a positive result in a drug test
due to trace levels of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol.)

(Cold mechanical processed, naturally revitalized organic hemp flour; 
keep refrigerated after opening; will stay fresh a minimum of 6 months)

HPPC is pesticide, herbicide and GMO free.
It is produced from viable seed in an organically certified facilities.
HPPC is fully certified organic
Each and every processed lot of HPPC is tested according to a term of condition by Health Canada.
Each lot has a unique identifying number that is referred to in a
Certificate of Analysis attached to the shipping documents.