Hemp Protein Powder News

***MRAC Blew $128,465 on HPPI test in 2001***
Manitoba Harvest introduces its own 50% Hemp Protein Powder***
 ***OmegaKaire proTN - New Hemp Powder Brand***
***Hempola suggest 49% protein HPPC claim too high***
***Organic Rice 80% Protein Isolate Enzyme Process from Nutribiotic******Testimonial from Ancient Harvest founder***
***Hemp Seed Protein Information***
***Manitoba Approves Shaun Crew HPPI Funding***
***A Call For THC Sanity***
Industry List of Protein Powder Companies UPDATED 2004***
***Amino Acid Breakdown of Hemp Protein***
***DEA Regulations Targeting Hemp Foods***
***Kiss Hemp Foods Goodbye! URGENT***
***Hemp Girl Jasmine Raff***
***Richard Rose, Ally or Foe?***
***Finland Researcher Calls HPPC a SCAM!***
***Remy C. Answers HPPC Nay Sayers***
***US Hemp Crop Update***
***Reservation Hemp Destroyed By Feds***
***Hemp Silage Trials Show High Protein***
***Body Shop DEA Letter***
***Woody's O2 Bar***
***Ralph Nader Pro-Hemp Foods!***
***Protein Powder Against Cancer***
***All You've Never Wanted To Know About Soy Protein***
***Hemp Proteins Building Blocks Of Life By Lynn Osburn***
***Dangers Of Soy***
***Hemp, Not For Human Consumption???***
***Hemp Map of France***
***Texas A&M University Protein Separation Sciences Program (new website)***

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On May 10th 2000, Will Avery, owner of Sun Hemp, and I were guests of Miggs B. on Fairfield County Cablevision. 
Our entire "Hemp... It's A Good Thing!" TV show is available online at:

"Sometimes, if over 200 people are watching various videos on the video server, it gets full and there is a temporary error message. Try again later if it doesn't work."
Courtesy of Paul D. Sanford's Hemp TV

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