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You can use these two different Gifs to cut and paste into html text 
when you write or email people about Project Lü

After the communists took over
mainland China, they instituted a program of character
simplification, where characters were replaced with variants
that were easier to write. The character on the top is
the older, traditional style (as still used in Taiwan and Hong
Kong).  The character on the bottom is in the simplified
form. They're similar but not identical.  Just an explanation
of why they're different.

Comments by Erik Peterson webmaster

I recommend these sites for more details on the manipulation of Chinese text online: ~ ~

I'd also like to thank Michel Parent for the recent additions to backgrounds and fonts.
Please visit his amazing Chinese Font Factory:
Le Chinois

How to insert the umlaut on Lü:
You type your L. Then you press: Alt + 0252 on the number's pad.
Then let Alt go. Presto you get: ü