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Lü Hitchhiker's Club

If you give this man a ride
Sweet family will die
Killer on the road...

By George, I think they've got it!

The road is a river
Go with the flow
Go Avego

Jim Morrison may very well have seeded the death of hitchhiking with these three lines thirty years ago, but we aim to change all that!

magazine aims to incorporate a hitchhiking club into its marketing strategy, an idea which is starting to spread around the country. Our card will incorporate the logo, a photo ID, the rider/driver home address, and possibly a bar code for security checks.

will keep its own data base and incorporate it into any future national hitchhiker's club program. Hitchhiker's Club cards will be offered free with all magazine subscriptions.

is currently promoting this idea to the EV industry, as well as gridlock reduction transportation projects. The staff networks with the electric vehicle divisions of large automakers like Toyota, thanks to its associations with Electrifying Times magazine. will sell the idea of hitchhiking clubs to teen magazines, skateboard magazines, and other green media publications.

Billy Wimsatt who published the incredible manifesto on inner city youth culture called No More Prisons has expressed interest in lending his name and energy to the Hitchhiker's Club.

We could theoretically have ten of thousands of Hitchhiker's Club cards out there in a very short time. 

We can run security checks by cell phone or on-board automobile computers as presented by the Avego video above. If someone like Oprah decides to put their stamp of approval on it, there's no telling how quickly this could happen.

But first it's going to take awhile to convince mom and pops and school teachers that our system is safe.

There was a time back in the 60's and 70's when you could hitch cross country in less than three days. Then one day the hitchhiking culture died because the media killed it, and it became impossible to get picked up.

The Hitchhiker's Club card will make hitchhiking safe and fun again, especially in the suburbs. It will progressively decrease the numbers of cars on the road. Think of the good it could do around large cities if folks embraced it. Cabbies are going to bitch like hell. So what? 

The card is for drivers and riders, interchangeable. Riders and drivers will need to show each other their photo ID before entering the vehicle. The logo will be BIG enough on the card, the size of a concert pass, so it can be recognized from afar. has it all worked out. Yes, it will be a commercial venture, and it will make money! And it will be supported and promoted by a youth oriented green fashion magazine.

There is an organization called GO GERONIMO in California which has already set a precedent. They have 400+ card members. Please go to their site and see for yourself how this idea is already working.

The best website about hitchhiking I have found so far belongs to Bernd Wechner in Australia. Go there for hundreds of hitchhiking links around the world, especially this one for the Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club. Very cool animated road graphic! 

Recently I was just made aware that hitch hiking now goes by another name in the Washington DC area. They call it "slugging" and in March of 2004 I learned of their website: Slug-Lines. David LeBlanc wrote a book about it all way back in 1999. He is working on an updated revised edition.

You might also want to drop in on Morgan the 'Sal'man's Digihitch. Morgan had a great photo on his website shot by Andrew Shapter of a beautiful woman hitch hiking. But he decided to remove the image, felt it gave people the wrong impression. We urge photographers to try their hand at the fashion meets hitchhiking theme.

Auto-Free Times, now called Culture Change, published a short article I wrote about 's Hitchhiker's Club. Let's keep plugging the concept and eventually it will take shape.

Remy Chevalier
() magazine
(Meaning "green" in Chinese...)


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