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Recycled Magazine Paper Panel with:
Frank Locantore of the Magazine Paper Project, Robert Brai of Integrated Media Cooperative and Kristine Kern of Mansueto Ventures,
held on Monday September 24, 2007 at the Marriot Marquis NYC Folio Magazine Show
Event Planner:
Emily Sciascia ~ 203-899-8436


Paris Hilton met up with Forest Ethics founder Tzeporah Berman... Imagine if Paris requested ALL her pictures be printed on recycled stock? Read interview on Ecorazzi.

This from Daily Green... International Paper getting ready to harvest Siberia to: "propel Russia to its well-deserved
place in the global pulp and paper industry"!!!
Re-Legalize HEMP NOW

American Magazine Conference
 Green Goes Mainstream panel ~ Boca Raton, FL






Save The Forest For The Trees

The Magazine Paper Project linked left is the organization most responsible in the U.S. for orchestrating the shift by major print publications over to recycled/tree-free paper stock and soy/veggie inks. Old growth forests are still cut down for paper. Tree farms yield less fiber suitable for paper pulp than hemp. Most guilty are Hachette/Filipacchi , Hearst, and Conde Nast.

magazine has been collaborating with the Magazine Paper Project since 2001, educating editors and publishers, urging them to make the switch despite the slightly higher production costs. Lü assists a rising young crop of "green" magazines develop all aspects of sustainable production, identifying new markets, seeking like minded talent, developing suitable advertising and graphic art direction.

Below is a partial list of green magazine titles using the services of models and photographers, who seek images produced with the same care and attention given their green editorial commitment. Most have newsstand distribution, others are more "boutique" with circulation limited to regional, trade or niche markets. All aspire to be full service environmentally-friendly projects, inspiring professionals involved in every aspect of magazine production.

Biorama (Germany)
Corporate Knights (Canada)
ECCO (Jamaica)
Refix (USA)
Simply Green (South Africa)
Natural Child (USA)
ECOenVIE (Germany)
Ensia (USA)
Equilibrio (Mexico)
Blindfold (USA)
Origin (USA)
Healing Arts Guide (USA)
Charged EVs (USA)

EcoenVogue (Germany)
Organice Your Life (USA-NY)
Just Cause (USA ~ Seattle)
(USA ~ NY)
AZ Green
(USA ~ AZ)
(USA ~ CA)
Green Living
(USA ~ AZ)
(Auckland, NZ)
Sotokoto (Japan)

Lifescape (UK)
Eco Lifestyle (UK)
SolarPro (USA ~ Ashland, OR)
Green Business Quarterly (USA ~ Chicago)
Grid (USA - Philadephia)
A Distinctive Style (USA ~ Dallas, TX)
Green Retailer (USA ~ MA)
Organic & Natural Business (UK)
Organic Beauty
(USA ~ VA)
Camino (Sweden)
CTN Green Magazine (USA ~ Los Angeles)

(USA ~ Los Angeles)
Peppermint (Australia)
Green.2 (The Netherlands)
Coco Eco (USA ~ Los Angeles)
Boho (USA ~ New Jersey)

(USA ~ Kansas)
TerraMarin (USA ~ CA)
Evergreen (USA ~ IL)

(USA ~ Hartford, CT)
positivelyGREEN (USA)
Pure Living (UK)
Pure Green (Canada)
Ecocolo (Japan)
Ekwo (France)
Ecotextile News (UK)
E, The Environmental magazine (USA ~ Norwalk, CT)
Eco-Structure (USA ~ Chicago)
Ode (UK)
One (USA)
Foam (USA ~ CA)
COLORS (Italy)
The Ecologist (UK)
Ecologiste (FR)
Green Car Journal (USA)
Electrifying Times (USA ~ Bend, OR)
Intersection (USA ~ UK)
Verdant (USA ~ New York)
Plenty (USA ~ New York)
Elephant Journal (USA ~ Denver)
Conscious Choice (USA ~ Chicago)
Yogi Times (USA ~ Los Angeles)
Natural Home (USA)
(USA ~ Los Angeles)
Preen (USA ~ Los Angeles)
Nylon (USA ~ New York)
Home Power (USA ~ Ashland, OR)
Solar Today (USA ~ Boulder, CO)
Green Parent (UK)
Mothering (USA)
Mother Earth News (USA)
Organic Spa (USA ~ New York)
Lunch (UK)
Ethical Living (UK)
Ethical Consumer (UK)
New Consumer (UK)
Environmental Design & Architecture (USA)
Spirituality & Health (USA)
Green @ Work (USA)
Adbusters (Canada ~ Vancouver)
Natural Health (USA)
Resurgence (UK)
Sustainable Industries (USA ~ Portland, OR)
Planet (USA ~ New York)
Our Planet (Kenya ~ Nairobi)
Green Futures (UK)
Earth Island Journal (USA ~ San Francisco)
Green Anarchy (USA)
Earth First! Journal (USA)
Bear DeLuxe (USA ~ Portland, OR)
Penthouse (USA) (work in progress...)
La Revue Durable (FR)
Ideo (FR)
Nouveau Consommateur
Valeurs Vertes (FR)
Terra Economica (FR)
NeoPlanete (FR)

Please contact Lü with additions, seeking foreign titles... Less graphically oriented titles can be found on the Magazine Paper Project HEROES page. We suggest any editor seeking models and photographers, in tune with what Lü is doing, to visit RemyC's Model Mayhem page.