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Lü Magazine is a concept... This website is only a means to an end... its mission? a print edition. In Chinese, Xing, the word for sex and nature is the same. In Chinese Lü means Green...

Concept Formulated Fall 2001

(This below was written back in 2001... since then, dozens of green magazines have borrowed from this editorial formula and launched their own projects. Lü is now revising and updating its own concept, without making new directions public, only working towards new goals with its team. ~ RemyC.)

, pronounced Lü, is a green fashion magazine in the making. It means green in Chinese. 

What China does in the next few years will decide the fate of the earth. The vast majority of clothes worn in the West are now made in Asia. In turn Asian culture is influencing Western culture through Feng Shui, movies, videos. It's time for an international global fashion publication to reflect and set these trends. 

's editorial policy will be supervised by green economists. Only green products will be showcased. will set the pace by "being" green, walking the talk, raising the bar for everyone. Unlike other so-called green magazines on newsstands today, will abide by a strict cradle-to-cradle protocol respecting Hanover Principles as a perpetual prototype for all new means and methods of magazine production.

Up until recently most environmental magazines had been stodgy. Movements like Viridian Design are changing all that. will be as visually striking as it will be green inside and out. (Don't let this humble website fool you!)

Fashion designers like Kenneth Cole, Carlos Miele, and Betsey Johnson have been invited to climb on board. Green architects, musicians, artists, poets... Wendy Brawer of Green Maps, Environmental Media Associates in Hollywood, Sara Shannon, Wendy Tremayne, Bena Burda, Delia Montgomery of Chic Eco,  models from the Ben Barry Agency. Art directors, stylists and photographers will incorporate environmental themes into their shoots. 

will not play it safe. Some of the most controversial writers in the zine scene are working on exclusive interviews and articles. will bring attention to issues in a way young people can identify with at a time when conservative America seems resistant to the long view. It will mix business with pleasure, style with content, form with function. 

Ads in
will reflect its editorial policy. The team, guided by Wetlands co-founder and ICI-nyc co-presenter Remy Chevalier, is asking for participation not only from major advertisers in the fashion industry, but also from solar companies, electric vehicles, health foods, hemp, organic cotton, all green products.

Scheduled for eventual print release,
has set its sights firmly on Hachette Filipacchi Media as its publisher of choice because of Remy Chevalier's long standing history with ELLE magazine, Hachette's flagship publication.

Writers, sales representatives and photo journalists with an edge are asked to contact us about collaborative efforts.

is a labor of love that will never sell out to afluenza.

don't ask, don't tell, just click and sell